Danz Tray by Nu Radiance

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Custom bleaching tray with chairside fabrication!

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Danz Tray Kit, Item # 11-0018
Danz Tray Kit Large, Item # 11-0019

Custom bleaching tray with chairside fabrication!

In one stop your patients can take home a custom made bleaching tray.  Danz Tray is a proprieatry blend of soft EVA for making custom bleaching trays chairside directly from a PVS impression.  The Danz Tray is easy to fabricate and comfortable to wear; saving your practice time and money while increasing patient satisfaction because there is no need for a follow up visit.

Kit includes:  20 Soft EVA templates and fabrication instructions

Standard Tray (for bleaching and average size arches)

Large Tray (for reaching posterior molars and larger size arches)