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Nu Form Temporary Crown and Bridge Material Kit


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Bis-GMA Free and ....

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Nu Form TC&B, Shade Bleach, Item # 16-0808
Nu Form TC&B, Shade A1, Item # 16-0761
Nu Form TC&B, Shade A1/B1, Item # 16-0709
Nu Form TC&B, Shade A2, Item # 16-0716
Nu Form TC&B, Shade A3, Item # 16-0723
Nu Form TC&B, Shade C2, Item # 16-0730

Bis-GMA Free and Bisphenol A (BPA) Free

Nu Form is a non Bis-GMA, hybrid acrylic, self-curing, resin based composition designed for easy fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges. It sets in two stages, providing for easy working and exceptional durability. Cure is complete in four minutes. For making repairs, Nu Form is compatible with self and light cure resin based materials.

  • Does not contain Bis-GMA or Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Pre-shrunk - clinically insignificant shrinkage
  • Non-brittle - little to no breakage
  • Fluorescence - pleasing appearance in all lighting conditions
  • Minimal oxygen inhibition layer
  • Initial set in 70 seconds - quick and easy to use, requiring little trimming
  • Final set in 4 minutes  - consistent results
  • Easy to polish
  • High resistance to impact

Nu Form Temporary Crown and Bridge Material Kit Contains:

  • 50 ml of material in an automix cartridge 1:1 (same amount as 70 g or 80 g - without the heavy fillers)
  • 15 mixing tips
  • Instructions
  • Available in shades: Bleach, A1, A1/B1, A2, A3 and C2.

Works with most 50 ml 1:1 dispensers, also available from this website.