Sentry Posterior Composite


Visible Light Cured, Highly Filled Composite Restorative for use primarily in Class I and Class II Restoratives.

Sentry Dental's Posterior Restorative is a highly filled restorative specifically developed for Class I and Class II restorations where high wear restistance, low shrinkage and high mechanical strength are of primary importance.

Contains:  25 Unidose carpules (0.35g each) of restorative in a single shade and instructions.  4 shades to choose from.

Please Choose:

Posterior Composite, Light Shade A1, Item # 39-4025A
Posterior Composite, Universal Shade A2, Item # 39-4025B
Posterior Composite, Gray/Brown Shade C3/D3, Item # 39-4025C
Posterior Composite, Yellow/Borwn Shade A3, Item # 39-4025D

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